Lockdown can be Awesome too | Some ideas to get rid of boredom !


Lock-down is happening in so many countries and increasing but here we made a list to make you feel more active.

Things you were not able to accomplish before now it can be possible. Here is the list:

  1. Meditate
  2. Home-based Exercise
  3. Cooking lessons
  4. Read books
  5. Take online courses
  6. Learn a new language
  7. Do gardening
  8. Develop a business plan
  9. Do prayers
  10. Spend time talking with your loved ones
  11. Write e-books
  12. Make video calls with families
  13. Learn money management for savings
  14. Make interesting videos on Youtube
  15. Create memes
  16. Create a blog

Hope it helps, please share 🙂


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