Experiencing eyestrain amid lockdown? Follow THESE eye exercises to relax them


Due to Coronavirus led lockdown, many people are relying on technology to kill the boredom. It is quite clear that movie and series binge-watching, scrolling on social media apps, and gaming has increased a lot of late. We hardly pay attention to our eyes which are one of the vital organs of our body. One should know that too much pressure on eyes has a negative impact on mental and physical health. Many of us these days are experiencing eye strain and headaches.  And that’s why, today, we are talking about some eye exercises that will relieve you from eye pain and stress.

There is limited evidence on whether these eye exercises can actually enhance vision, however, they can help with eye strain, certain eye conditions such as nystagmus, strabismus, amblyopia and asthenopia among others. These exercises can be particularly helpful for people who are facing digital eye strain, which happens prolonged usage of computers. So, read on to find out the eye exercise and combat eye strain and also strengthen your eye muscles.

1. The 20-20-20 rule

Do you focus on computer screens all day long? Then you may sometimes face digital eye strain. And to ease the eyes and the muscles, you should incorporate 20-20-20 rule daily. In this, the person has to look something 20 feet away for 20 seconds every 20 minutes while working on a computer.

2. Eye movements 

Few eye movements will help you to alleviate eye strain. In this exercise, slowly move your eyes upward and then downward. Repeat it thrice and then slowly move the eye left to right. Repeat this shift for three times. You can also clockwise and anti-clockwise and diagonal movements as well.

3. Trace figure 8

In this exercise, you need to stare at the wall or on the floor around 8 feet away. And then gently move your eyes in the shape of figure 8. Keep tracing the imaginary 8 for around 30 seconds, you can switch the direction after the first set.

4. Pencil Pushups

Many doctors recommend this exercise as a part of vision therapy. It is ideal for people who look at screens more or read at a close distance as it helps people with convergence insufficiency. For this exercise, you have to hold a pencil or you can simply use your thumb at arm’s length. Make sure to situate between the eyes. Keep looking at it and slowly move the pencil or thumb towards the nose. Again go backwards at arm’s length. Repeat it for 20 times.

5. The palming exercise

This is one of the easy, relaxing and calming exercises.  And it works like a warm eye compress.

You have to first rub both palms together until they become warm. You can also wash them in warm water.

And now place both palms over your closed eyelids. The warmth will gently heat your eyes and relax them. Keep repeating till your eyes feel relaxed

6. Blink exercise

Eye and mental fatigue, as well as dry eye syndrome, happen when we constantly stare at the computer or mobile screen for a long time. We hardly blink when binge-watching or browse and blinking is very important as it keeps our eyes lubricated.

In this exercise, you have to look straight at a blank wall. And then slowly close your eyes. Keep them closed for around a second. Then slowly open them again. Do the slow blinks for at least 20 times and your eyes will feel refreshed.

Other effective ways to relieve eye issues

Take a nap

Hot and Cold Compresses

Increase your intake of beta-carotene and lycopene-rich foods. You can also vitamin A-rich supplements.

Avoid too much sun exposure

Also, get your self checked if you have short-sightedness or farsightedness or any eye allergy.

When to see a doctor?

If you are witnessing red eyes, blurred or loss of vision, pain in eyes, double vision, sensitivity to light and severe headaches then you should consult a doctor and not ignore the red flags of underlying eye problems.



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