Coronavirus Pandemic & Dirty Money


The Recent spread of coronavirus is forcing many institutions around the world to rethink on one particularly germy surface that is touched by many persons every day: it is cash.
Recently South Korea’s bank informed that they are burning all circulated banknotes out in those two weeks — to minimize Corona virus, according to Officials. It follows China’s huge initiative to deep cleaning of infected cash with ultraviolet light and also burning temperatures, and in some cases, they are destroying it as well. That cash comes from high-risk areas, such as hospitals, Shopping Malls etc.

Meanwhile, the Louvre museum Paris Also banned cash this week. There decision is to accept only credit card payments which is part of an effort to make their staffers feel more Safe while about returning to work, according to the Associated Press.

The concerns over that cash come as Worldwide people infected by the coronavirus, mostly in China and Italy. The outbreak may drive us to adoption of the mobile payments.
Mobile and contactless payments options are available on Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Pay, where consumers most use smartphones or smartwatches to pay in stores, to credit cards.

Many businesses have already made their changes to reduce contact with questionable surfaces. Starbucks has temporarily suspended use of personal cups and tumblers at its North American stores, doorstep delivery doesn’t require human contact.

“we pass microorganisms through Paper Money,”
In 2017 in NEW YORK researchers found that microorganisms living on the surface of paper cash, already recommends washing your hands after touching money, especially before eating food.

II suppose as people move to electronic transactions, the risk is reduced. But we use our phones for mobile payments after touching some surfaces,”

Wash your hands after touching money, use antibacterial or baby wipes to clean phones and credit cards, and carry your own pen to sign Receipt.

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