Combating Covid-19: Dubai Police to post photos, details of those who mock precautions


Starting this week, Dubai Police will crack down heavily on citizens and residents who mock the ‘Stay Home, Stay Safe’ campaign by naming and shaming them on mass media and the Dubai Police social media channels.

The name and pictures of the individuals will be shared in the media, Colonel Saeed Al Hajeri, director of the CID’s Cyber Crime Department at Dubai Police, said on Wednesday.

The Dubai Police has recently arrested an Asian man for taunting police officers on duty in an edited clip online. The man has been referred to competent authorities for further legal action against him.

Launching the new initiative, the picture of an Asian man who taunted on-duty police officers was shared on the Dubai Police Instagram page late on Tuesday. The post said, “The man has been referred to competent authorities for further legal action against him.”

“We have seen many irresponsible individuals who are not following requests from the government and the media to stay at home,” explained Colonel Hajeri.

He added, “The government has invested huge amounts on the emirate’s healthcare infrastructure, and these reckless people are not just not following orders, but are setting examples for others to follow in their steps.”

“Dubai Police, with support from our leadership, will publish their photos, without blurring their faces in the media, starting this week.”

Colnel Hajeri added, “We have been capturing these people since before. However, we do not publish their photos respecting their privacy and their future.” The Cyber Crime chief warned this decision will have severe implications on violators’ lives in the future.

“They won’t get hired for jobs because they are irresponsible, and their actions will have future social implications as well,” he said.




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