Afghan Girls, Robotics Team builds ventilator-like device from Toyota car parts, because of increasing number of Covid-19 cases.


Five girls in Afghanistan, aged between 14 and 17, have joined the fight against the coronavirus, designing a ventilator that runs off the motor of a Toyota Corolla.

It is intended to treat coronavirus patients and help with the lack of ventilators in the country, as seen in footage from Wednesday in the Afghan city of Herat. The team can be seen demonstrating the device made from parts of a Toyota Corolla motor. “We hope that before May we can start sharing this oxygen machine with the clinics. This machine is different than a ventilator and it’s helpful for those people that have respiratory problems,” said Ghafari, the team’s trainer. “We are working on an oxygen machine for the treatment of those people that have respiratory problems and our country needs these machines. We are trying to do our best and hope to have them accepted by the Ministry of Public Health,” said team member Diyana Nawabzada.



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